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Anti Slip Paint – Increase Profitability and Safety While Reducing Risk

Anti Slip Paint

Safety is the first rule in profitable and efficient work environments. In areas of industry with loose materials common on the walking surfaces like in fabrics and construction it pays to take extra safety steps. The same holds true in high potential slip areas and along areas with rails to hold onto. Any dangerous and expensive accidents can be battled with forethought and non skid paint.

Imagine adding to profit potential in productivity and no loss in work hours with a simple application of the perfect preventative maintenance.

Anti skid paint is the optimum way to protect your work flow and insurance rates against unnecessary slip and fall accidents. The advanced product is designed for a multitude of applications. These include wood, fiberglass, concrete, treated aluminum, and primed metal. The areas you should consider protecting are all floors, stair treads, and hand rails. Perfect for marine watercraft, residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. The idea is to apply non skid paint on every area where slippery surfaces from water, loose material or other slippery surfaces are present to help prevent slips and injury.

Other areas you may not have considered protecting with this preventive maintenance can be found in all areas of activity and traffic flow. A few common areas already using non skid paint are boat decks, swimsteps, marina dock ramps, wood decking, magnesite flooring, stadium steps, concrete ramps, walkways, portable classroom ramps, stairways, trailer ramps, truck beds and lift gates. Anywhere you want to maintain a steady pedestrian flow of traffic and advanced safety efforts.

Especially at competitive rates of anti skid paint is an obvious choice at protecting your pedestrian traffic or workplace areas from the most common accidents and hazards. Not only does anti skid paint give you a wide range of safety boost it also mixes well with itself to add to the visual appeal of any compatible surface. It comes in a wide range of attractive and easy to see colors and you can easily adjust any color by lightening it with Polar White Non Skid Paint. This is perfect for matching or complementing corporate color feel, preferred decor or even labeling of traffic flow for increased productivity and profitability.

Not only can you add to the appearance of any area in workplace conditions you can avoid costly penalties with anti skid paint. Slip-resistant conditions must be maintained in businesses of there are fines of up to fifty thousand dollars for the first offense and up to one hundred thousand dollars for the second offense. Also doing everything possible to prevent a slip and fall injury and the possibility of a resulting lawsuit should be job one to smart municipalities, business owners, property owners and manufactures everywhere. In slip and fall lawsuits the prior application of anti skid paint can actually reduce damage awards because the property owner cannot be accused of negligence by the claimant. This also translates to lower workers’ compensation insurance rates, property insurance rates, and less overall insurance claims.

With all these benefits and increased profitability opportunities non skid paint should be one of the first items on your preventative maintenance list every year. The ease of application and use also makes it one of the quickest jobs you will always look forward to.