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Anti Slip Products – An Essential Safety Need

Non Slip Products - Non Skid Paint

An astonishing number of slip and fall claims are handled every year by personal injury lawyers. On an average most of these are workplace accidents and more often than not these slip and fall accidents occur due to wet and slippery floors. Most of these accidents or hazards can be prevented by a systematic planning of safety measures. Amongst the availability of innumerable safety options, non skid products are arguably an effective and cost efficient precaution. Hence, to prevent an otherwise common lawsuit and to save the hassle and expense to cover slip and fall accidents in your building or workplace, anti slip products are crucially essential. Let’s discuss a few implementations and benefits of anti slip coatings.


Entryways are the epicenter of most accidents due to slipping, particularly during rain or snow. Using anti slip products in doorways can be a very wise and important decision as it will prevent the water or snow to cause a slippery floor, thus decreasing the possibility of slip and fall hazards greatly.


Arguably most of the serious cases of slip and fall accidents are due to slippery stairs because of the imminent tumble and fall of the victim which poses a greater threat of physical danger and thus a much stronger lawsuit. To stop this from happening, you should ensure implementing anti slip stairs in your building or workplace. This is especially important in commercial buildings, and rental properties. Others include boats, ships, oil refineries, workshops, docks, or technically in any and every industrial environment. Non slip stairs are even more essential as they pose a serious injury threat to people in case of a fall. This applies to ladders, steps or foot holds too.


Most industrial walking ramps have a tilt or are inclined in an angle. Thus slippery floors can be of serious danger to people as they can lose balance easily. Although most walking ramps in workplaces or buildings have handrails for support and precaution, most people refrain from using them. Either way it is both convenient and safe to have non skid products fittings in walking ramps in both residential and industrial setup.

The importance of outfitting anti slip products becomes evident as slip and fall accidents are very common and also one of the leading causes of personal injury claims everywhere. Oil spills, water, snow, wet paint etc, the number of reasons are too many for which precaution becomes imminent. Anti slip paint products are affordable and very efficient options to confront this issue. These non slip products are easy to use and implement and can bring down workplace hazards and improve safety measures to a drastic extent. It is thus advisable so as to prevent unexpected accidents, lawsuits, or medical expenses. These paired with attorney fees and the medical coverage of the victim based on the severity of injuries can be a major financial setback for any business.

Eliminate Your Slippery Surfaces

Workplace hazards or accidents due to slip and fall are common and obviously cannot be prevented without exceptions. However it is a good idea in maintaining cost efficient safety measures to prevent the hassle and harassment along with the financial burden the negligence can bring. Anti slip products are available at competitive rates with a myriad of options to choose from and are highly recommended.