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Our marine non skid deck coating is a technically advanced one part marine epoxy-ester (water-base) coating with a super-tough epoxy binder containing recycled plastic particles specifically designed to give a hard flat textured surface for safe foot traffic on Concrete, Treated Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood Deck Coating, and properly primed Metal & Wood Substrates.

Providing a durable, nonslip textured deck coating that is attractive and will help prevent slip and fall accidents before they happen. Area’s where standing water or ponding occurs must be leveled for proper drainage prior to applying the Non Slip Paint.

Eco Friendly, lead free, chemical, gas and oil resistant, and will not harm the environment when used as directed. NonSlip Texture has no sharp edges and is not abrasive to bare feet.

Extra Grit Anti Skid Additive is available for applications needing additional increased texture such as stair paint, rental properties, commercial, industrial, incline ramps, and Handicap entry access .

NonSkid Paint for boats is an ideal anti slip deck coating for areas where water is present and slippery surfaces exist. Easy to apply nonskid paint by spray can, quart,  gallon, or 5 gallon pail using a brush, or 3/8 inch (low nap) roller.

Applying Non Slip Paint To Your Boat – Do-It Yourself Video Demonstration


Durable and Easy to Apply Boat Non Skid and Wood Deck Coating

Non Slip Boat Deck Paint

Highest Environmental Standards

At Monster Paint Products we offer quality non-slip paint for your boat and wood deck coatings that are biodegradable, contain low VOC’s, and are compliant with EPA laws ensuring safety and efficiency for industrial, commercial, and residential use

Our products provide non slip safety solutions with long-term durability, and the water base allows for convenient disposals without causing pollution or damage to the environment. Our advanced technology water-base coatings are safe for the environment and your facility. We do this by offering only the best in raw materials that are eco-friendly and affordable.

Our products allow businesses and homeowners to create a safe and productive environment for their customers, employee’s, friends, and family. It is our mission to protect the environment by offering cost effective anti-skid green solutions that are beneficial for our environment and your health.